Welcome to my book place. Watch where you step it’s a bit sticky.

The stories you’ll find at The Sharp End of the Rainbow will transport you to a dystopian wonderland full of bizarre characters who engage in even more bizarre antics. These stories will make you laugh, cry, and gag—but more importantly, they show humanity in the face of the truly absurd, and act as a mirror to the world around us (Heads Dance Press).



In New York, 1923, Dolly is a gossip columnist in a world overrun by man-eating plants.
She lives a life of glitz, glamor, and blackmail. That is until she finds a guest at a party dead – half-eaten by the deadly Vines. The girl’s death leads her into a conspiracy of doomed starlets, shady PR Agencies, and an overzealous Immigration Bureau




The Woman Going To Taured/Teeth Out for Pewdiepie (The Bumper Book of British Bizarro, proceeds go to Mermaids UK).
A woman is so desperate to get to Taured and leave her online trolls behind that she’ll do anything, and the world of mystery cults and Youtubers collide.

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Fortune Box

No one knows where or what Tower Ltd Surprise Packages is or why it’s sending gifts to complete strangers across The City. All they know is that each package is the best thing that’s ever happened to them… or the worst.

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Four Rooms

4 Rooms in a Semi-Detached House, Strange House Books. A bizarre story about time traveling rooms.

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Rainbows Suck

Rainbows Suck, Eraserhead Press. A bizarre story about the dark side of fame.

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The Filing Cabinet of Doom

The Filing Cabinet of Doom, Burning Bulb Publishing. A collection of short stories from inside my mind.

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