The Vine That Ate the Starlet

In New York, 1923, Dolly is a gossip columnist in a world overrun by man-eating plants.

She lives a life of glitz, glamor, and blackmail. That is until she finds a guest at a party dead – half-eaten by the deadly Vines. The girl’s death leads her into a conspiracy of doomed starlets, shady PR Agencies, and an overzealous Immigration Bureau

“A creepy, lyrical and strange page turner. Swann shows with The Vine That Ate The Starlet that she is a star of her own” – Christoph Paul, author of The Haunting of the Paranormal Romance Awards

“The Vine that Ate the Starlet, Madeleine Swann’s novel of manners, is an exciting tale set in 1920s New York following an investigative reporter, killer vines, and a lethal conspiracy. It’s a bizarro take on The Great Gatsby wrapped in a stylish package that only Swann could deliver. Stay out in the sunlight and let the vines devour you. What’s not to love?” -Andrew J. Stone, author of All Hail the House Gods and The Ultimate Dinosaur Dance-Off

“The book Madeleine Swann was born to write! 1920s New York is being attacked from the outside by killer vines and from the inside by something even more nefarious, and plucky society-page reporter Dolly Preston is getting tangled up in both! The Vine That Ate The Starlet is utterly charming and great fun – you haven’t read anything like it!” – Amy Vaughn, editor of Dog Doors to Outer Space.

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